Parallel Tracks

Collaborative Project

Collaboration with artist Ioanna Gouzeli

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MSV3 PREPARE your TOOLS IN ORDER TO START WORKING. Set up your table, your main materials and the manual and start preparing before SSKE “alex” starts.
Once SSKE walks in the room you have very fast to start shouting.
There is no reason to waste energy and function. You have to press the white button is above the pole placed in the center of the room. Different words different meaning.



The stairs for the bridge fortunately make it easy for us to go up when the membranes under the armpits do not work well and that makes the observation not safe. Umbilical cords come out of the closet; they are tunnels going towards to them. They twist and turn so fast you cannot touch them! You have to find the exact time to do it. All the lights will start tremble…the car battery probably will dye MESI shout the microphone to buckle up it is time. alex and ioanna [10/3/2013 11:35:27 PM] alex: I am interested if you have any monument, sculpture, pyramid, column...something that interests you
Installing /BRDG, Antwerp