The project Directions is a series of InSitu interventions.

It begins as a path of choices aiming to the random passerby, who will notice and follow the signs. On every crossroad one sign concerning the location and the mind. In the first step, in 2010, twenty three signs are placed in total using soil, sand, grass, pine needles, chalk. The correct choice on every step is leading to the final sign, which is created by walking on the grass. The symbol as weel as the whole action concerns the movement from a centre to another, the meeting and the starting point, the difficulty of choice, the self expansion and communication. This project started as a research after noticing similar shapes that were recurrently emerging in drawings and automated sketches.




In September 2011 the project Directions is continued, in the graduation exhibition in the Athens School of Fine Arts, by creating a sculpture using soil, with the purpose to transfer - transplant the final shape and to repeat the process of creation, in the room where it is exhibited. The dimensions of the sculpture are 9.17 on 9.17 meters long and 0,40 meters wide. The main axis of the sculpture is placed in a straight line with the two corners of the room. Soil is transferred in the room and next comes the same production process with the original, the walk, until the installed material takes the form of a natural path
In January 2012 the project goes one step further by participating in the exhibition ‘‘Rooms 2012’’ in St. George Lycabettus Hotel. Developing the concept of communication, a new floor is built in the hotel room, using cement, gypsum board, garetin, fibres and oil paint. The floor appears similar to the industrial floor, stable and solid.
With the footsteps of the visitors the floor appears to be braking , while the sign is gradually emerging as a mosaic, The visitor participates in the creation of the work, while the process represents the need of the breach as the first step to communicate. Self expansion, difficulty of choice and communication are still concepts incarnated in the final sign.
The floor is imprinted on paper and so is the effect of the visitors interaction. Dimensions of the frottage : 300 x 350 cm. Materials: graphite on paper.