Chasing the dust devil



In 2010 I started a long research on the vortex phenomenon.
During this period and after inventing a machine that draws a spiral on sand with the power of wind, a need emerged to create a sculpture that will permanently reproduce this phenomenon without mechanical assistance, but the exploitation of natural wind.
This summer I did the first experiment in big scale. An InSitu sculpture built out of straw bales on Naxos Island.
The design of the proposed sculpture allows the phenomenon to be occurred, irrespective of the wind’s direction. Furthermore, the schematic design refers to a labyrinth. Entering the sculpture to observe the vortex, the visitor is leaving an image behind him and by exiting he selects one of the six identical exits, driven most possibly to a different image.
My intention is to propose this sculpture as a permanent monument, using solid materials that will integrate to the selected location and its surroundings