On the 8th of May 2019 at 7am I dressed myself as a municipal worker . My goal was to captivate this monument with a scaffold and a fabric for shading and leave this intervention in this state for one month. The concept of covering a monument and altering or hiding its identity and meaning was the inner drive to realize this project.

The rejection of the monuments political meaning is due not only to the monument’s coverage, but mainly to the lack of interest and reaction on the part of the state apparatus that did not respond to this act for one month.

This work was created for the Deliverart project that happened in Athens in May and June. Three days before I removed the installation, I presented this work in a delivery box, in which I created a small cement monument with a screen showing documentation video of this intervention.

The viewers that have seen this work are now the only witnesses to a partly illegal act.

Note: The materials used are referring to the process of conserving the monuments and a photo collection I started in 2015 called Captives