Proposal for a sculpture in a park


During the involvement and study of the vortex phenomenon 2010-2011, a need is emerged to create a sculpture that will permanently reproduce this phenomenon without mechanical assistance, but the exploitation of natural wind.

The design of the proposed sculpture allows the phenomenon to be occurred, irrespective of the wind’s direction. 

Materials: anti-vandal glass, concrete
The sculpture is placed in a park to exploit the leaves that will recurrently fall from the trees and will be gradually carried by the air masses into the sculpture.
The sculpture consists mainly of glass, which from a specific angle creates up to three transparencies. The whole construction creates reflections of the environment, the fog, the sky. At the same time, the schematic design refers to a labyrinth. Entering the sculpture to observe the vortex, the visitor is leaving an image behind him and by exiting he selects one of the six identical exits, driven most possibly to a different image.